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11/14/17 - NEW VIDEO FREE SINGLE - "One More Smoke"

Watch our new video featuring the single "One More Smoke" written and arranged by Spencer D. Evans. You can also download the song from Soundcloud for free!


Smoke Perkins & The Bad Winter Cough; Vol. 1 & 2 (Project Working Title). An 11-song LP. All music on this album are new compositions written and arranged by Smoke Perkins except for "One More Smoke" which was written and arranged by Spencer D. Evans.


Unlike most music produced today where individual musicians record on digital media to be mixed together at a later time, this album was recorded to tape ‘as-live-as-possible’. This means the root of the music, (guitar, bass, drums, and vocals), were recorded together, at the same time. This produces the feeling of a live performance yet still maintains the quality of a studio production. The album was recorded in Pacific Studios, one of Tacoma's finest recording studios. 

Currently, the remainder of the album is in the mastering and mixing phase of production. Subscribe to our email list or keep checking back as we will continue to periodically release snippets of our raw recordings.

Smoke Perkins & The Bad Winter Cough debut release was made possible by the generous support of the Tacoma Arts Commission, Tacoma Artists Initiative Program (TAIP) Grant . Click the following links for more information on how my favorite city, Tacoma, supports the Arts.  

Tacoma Arts Commission. 

Office of Arts & Cultural Vitality


Additional support for this project was received from the Artist Trust 2017 Grants for Artists (GAP) Program.  Click the Following links to learn more about this valuable community organization.

Artist Trust

Tacoma Arts Commission

More to Come...

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